My name is Angela Copeland, and I would like to start by sharing my Educator and Real Estate stories.

Where it All Started (Me almost 20 years ago and my first classroom!)

I was working in a water treatment lab testing water samples. And I kept wondering if this was the right career for me. I was good at it, but there was something missing. At the time, people around me kept telling me to become a teacher. Really? I would have to stand and talk in front of people. No way. I'm too shy for that!
But I brought the matter to the Lord and He spoke to my heart so sweetly and said, "What if I told you I'll be with you every step of the way." I was convinced!

And so I enrolled in a wonderful Alternative Certification program, put my resignation notice in and two weeks later, I was standing in front of a class of high school Juniors. I was so scared that first day before the 1st bell rang, my legs were literally shaking. 
However, on that same day, a light in my heart was turned on; and a passion to encourage, teach and be the most amazing role model for these kids came forth. To think we could actually have a part in influencing the next generation was an incredible honor I didn't take for granted. And I stayed in the classroom for 12 years before the Lord opened up another door - still within education. 

God's Clear Call to Real Estate

My husband had already started the process. He wanted to become a Real Estate agent. He comes in one day and says, "You should be one too!" At which my response was, "Too many things on my plate already. The only way I will go into Real Estate, is if God gives me a dream, and it has to be tonight." 

As a side note, the Lord truly knows that if He clearly tells me something to do, I typically will do it. And many times it's in my dreams...probably because He knows I won't get in His way when I'm sleeping!

And so, I go to bed that night. And guess what?! That's right, He gives me a dream. Here it is:

I walk into a Principal's office, and the Principal gives me a remote control that looks like a garage door opener. All of the sudden, the scene changes, and I'm standing in the center of houses among houses among houses, in the middle of the night. I look at the remote in my hands and I press the first button. All of the sudden, all of the front porch lights to all of the houses turn on all at the same time. And then, I press the second button. What happens next? All of the front doors of all of the houses unlock and open up all at the same time. And then I wake up.

As I'm laying in bed, basically in shock that God actually gave me a real estate dream that night, the Lord clearly speaks to my heart again, and says, "I want to bring light into all of these homes, and I am opening up every door for you." And of course, I know at that moment, I am going into Real Estate!!

Through this entire journey - from becoming a teacher to becoming a real estate agent, I've learned and grown so much. It has been such a joy, even with all of the many growing pains. 

I used to live life in so much fear, and the Lord has been teaching me how to walk in faith through all of these seasons. My prayer is you will only sign up if you truly feel led. If you don't feel led, do not; I repeat, DO NOT, walk this path. But if there is something inside of you that believes, Maybe This Could Be for Me, then, I'd love to hear from you.

Either way, I pray you all will be abundantly blessed and highly favored. Always. I don't just say that cause it's cute. I really want you to know you are so special and to know how loved you are by God.

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